High Priestess Tiye

Tiye is the 15-year-old High Priestess of Min and widely revered by the people. She is the only daughter of two very important priests. Her father Yuya, is the High Priest of Amun, and her mother Thuya, is Chief Priest of the Entertainers, to gods Amun and Min. Tiye’s grooming to become High Priestess began from the moment she started to speak. As High Priestess, she lives a protected and happy life on the Temple estate in the Kingdom of Nubia. Very soon Priestess Tiye will be elevated to the level of Second Prophet of Amun, the highest level in the priest cult, second only to the High Priest. Her induction ceremony, which is to happen in the next few days, will be a celebrated occasion throughout Nubia.


Prince Amenhotep

Amenhotep III is the 18-year-old second son of Pharaoh Thutmosis IV, born to his secondary commoner wife, making him a Prince of half royal blood. As an adolescent, Amenhotep was sent to live at the royal palace in Nubia, away from the viper’s nest within the Egyptian court. While living at the Nubian court, Prince Amenhotep became close to the Nubian Kings second son, Prince Merimose. Together they underwent military training, and learned advanced fighting techniques from many hours of grueling tutelage under the renowned Ta-Seti warriors. Both avid hunters, the princes’ became proficient in hunting lions; a dangerous sport they continue to indulge in as often as possible. When Amenhotep unexpectedly became heir to the throne after the assassination of his half-brother Crown Prince Amenemhat; Pharaoh’s firstborn son with the Queen, he had to return to Egypt; and his friend Merimose, whom he loves like a brother, went with him. Though he has known for 3 years he will ascend to the throne, and one day wear the double crown, Amenhotep is still not married and has no heir. His other names are: Nebmaatra – which will become his throne name; and Hotep – which is his nickname. His titles include: Viceroy of Nubia, the Kings Son of Nubia, and Crown Prince of Egypt.



Armenia is the 18-year-old royal half sister to Amenhotep. She is the eldest of three daughters to Pharaoh Thutmosis and the Queen; groomed from childhood to become the next Queen of Egypt. However her path to the throne was altered when less than one month before she was to marry her brother, Crown Prince Amenemhat, he was murdered. Now she is a high ranking princess, whose position in the royal hierarchy is uncertain. But the Princess is not one to cower from hurdles arising in her path, and is determined to wear the crown of Isis upon her head, as rightfully it should. Her titles include: Royal Princess, and the Kings Daughter.



Sneferu is the 23-year-old nephew of Pharaoh Thutmosis; a Prince of pure royal blood, and Amenhotep’s cousin. Three years ago Senferu was the lauded Second Commander of the Royal Infantry. But the title was stripped from him by Pharaoh Thutmosis. It was during a military campaign on the border of Egypt and Nubia, under Sneferu’s command, that Thutmosis’ firstborn son was assassinated. Despite Sneferu’s failure to protect the Crown Prince, he was eventually forgiven and granted Pharaoh’s second daughter, Princess Sinuhe, as his wife. The royal cousins have been married for two years, and have no children. His titles include: Grand Vizier, Royal Prince, and Lord.



Merimose is the 20-year-old, loyal friend and confident to Prince Amenhotep. He is a Prince of Nubia’s royal family, being the second born son to King Jefari and his Chief Wife, Queen Nefarire. Like Amenhotep, he is not married and he has no children. When Merimose came to Egypt with Amenhotep three years ago, he was made Viceroy by Pharaoh Thutmosis, for selflessly accompanying his only remaining son home, after the assassination of his firstborn son. Merimose’ duty as Viceroy is to aid Amenhotep in running the Empire and protecting the Crown from any and all threats. His titles include: Viceroy of Egypt, Second Commander of the Royal Infantry, Commander of the Elite Squads, Captain of the Royal Secret Agents, Ta-Seti Warrior, and Royal Prince of Nubia.

Illustrations by Resha Jacobs