About Brianna Nichole

Brianna Nichole worked briefly in publishing from 2000 to 2003, as a marketing director and acquisitions editor for Genesis Press, Inc., a small publishing company in Columbus, MS. She managed the niche categories of African-American and multicultural romance, fiction, and mainstream erotica. While at Genesis Press she originated the imprint Indigo After Dark, multi-cultural erotica for women. Prior to her work at Genesis Press, she self-published a collection of erotic short stories entitled Passion’s Bedtime Stories, in 1999.

The youngest of three daughters, Brianna Nichole’s parents were university educators who became missionaries and moved to Kenya, E. Africa when she was just 13 years old. They resided and worked at The University of Eastern Africa, for five years. It was during her time living in Kenya, and traveling the continent with her parents that her curiosity about the ancient kings and queens of Africa began.

Brianna did her research on ancient Egyptian culture, with visits to the British Museum, the New York Metropolitan Museum, and reading several books by Historians and Egyptologists such as Ivan Van Sertima, Joyce Ann Tyldesley, Arielle P. Kozloff, Richard H. Wilkinson, and Zahi Hawass.

She is a registered nurse with two degrees in Nursing and a Masters in Health Administration, living and working in Maryland.

The High Priestess and the Half-Blood Prince, is Brianna Nichole’s debut novel about the extraordinary grandparents of “King Tut.” You are the first to read this unpublished work; her purpose for which she is releasing it to the public, is to build a following and ultimately obtain a book publishing contract.

To the fans of ancient Egypt, she hopes you enjoy it, and invite your friends to logon and read it as well!